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2015 Camp

Here are the members of the 2015 Senior.

2013 Camp

See the comments from some of the children who attended our 2013 camps below.

  • Camp is fun; Camp is great; the food is good and the games are good and we all celebrate!

  • Catholic camp is full of fun and you can learn more about the faith

  • Come to camp and have an AMAZING time!!

  • Come on and join the fun at Buckfast Abbey. With treasure hunts, camp fires and story time, stay up to half 9 or 10.  Enjoy the fun if you come.

  • I loved the camp fire and treasure hunt

  • I like the Abbey but I like it here (at Grangehurst) more!!

  • Buckfast Abbey is the best cause you make lots of friends.

  • At summer camp there’s lots to do, so come next year and start anew.

  • Come to camp its fun!

2012 Camp

The fourth year of holding the annual Plymouth Diocesan Summer Camps at the new venue of Grangehurst at Buckfast Abbey, resulted in a new development.  For the first time we added a third camp to the programme, The Senior Camp was held in the week between two separate Junior Camps.  

 Celebrating 60 years of the Camps gave each camp the cause for a party, and the weather was kind, allowing each cam to hold a Barn Dance on the lawn outside Grangehurst and enjoy some wonderful cake!

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